Moving is an exciting yet stressful task for some of us, but it is something most will endure a few times in our lives. However, there are methods to make the moving process more effortless. The timing of National moving month couldn’t be better as the most popular time to move in Florida is during the summer season. Usually, we witness many families moving from May through August since children are out of school and many professional industries have slowed. Another popular time for moving is during the end of the year, when the “snowbirds” arrive for the season.  No matter when you decide the best time to move for your family, we have included some tips and tricks below to simplify and reduce stress.

Tips & Tricks for Moving


Tip 1 Toss what you don’t need.

Moving is easier when there are fewer things to move. Do a closet cleaning. If it does not fit or is out of style, get rid of it. Go through your bathroom and take the opportunity to throw away expired makeup, toiletries, or medication. Clear out items you would not buy again because that means you most likely do not need them. Make some donations, and if you have more oversized items like rugs or furniture, you can plan for a pick-up arrangement. Several charities offer these services but be sure to schedule your pick-up ahead of time. You could even have a yard sale to get rid of things you don’t need. Considering short-term storage can be helpful if you are in a rush. If you have articles that you are undecided on, you can place them in a unit and come back to them later.

  Tip 2 Packing Hacks.

  • Put your glasses inside of clean socks for free padding.
  • Fill your pots and crock pots with spices when you pack them.
  • Keep cords contained with toilet paper rolls, and be sure to label them.

Packing Tip

  • Place paper plates between glass plates before boxing them to cushion them during the move.

Moving Tips

  • Forget the bubble wrapping roll and use your clothes and linens instead.
  • Label your moving boxes in detail on several sides.
  • Use the nesting doll hack, put small, packed boxes inside larger moving boxes.

Tip 3 Unpacking Tricks

               First, create a plan by organizing and labeling your boxes by which room they will go to. Set up a layout to determine what items will be brought into your new home first by order of importance. Usually, the most important areas to unpack first are for the kitchen and bathrooms. Place the less important boxes in their designated rooms so you can unpack one room at a time when your schedule allows. Start by emptying your essentials first. Overall enjoy the moment. Do not think of it as a chore and make it fun.

After You are Settled

Don’t forget to change the address for your utilities and update your driver’s license and registrations with the DMV. If your home is not brand new, it is prudent to change your locks. If needed, childproof or pet-proof your house with proper safety essentials. Explore your new neighborhood and meet some neighbors to familiarize your pets and children which the new area. Finally, throw a housewarming party and start relaxing in your new home.

Metes & Bounds Title, a Division of Land Castle Title Group, LLC takes pride in the closing process and is with you every step of the way. We are here to make the process as seamless as possible and hope that your next move is equally as stress free. Experience the difference today and contact our team.

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