Metes & Bounds Title, a Division of Land Castle Title Group, LLC provides title research and title insurance for your real estate closing resulting in a clean title. Choosing the right title company from the start is crucial to protecting your investment in the future. If defects on your title are found after your closing, it could result in costly litigation or even prevent you from selling your property in the future. 

According to the American Land Title Association, there was $544 million in title claims in 2019. Metes & Bounds Title Company has not filed any claims in over 16 years of being in business. These results are a testament to our care in each transaction to prevent future title issues. Below we share how properly researching clean title results in future protection and savings.

Title Claim Cost

Preventive Measures for Clean Title

The Metes & Bounds Title, a Division of Land Castle Title Group, LLC team conducts extensive research to ensure no title “clouds” or defects before your closing. Clouds on the title indicate that an individual or entity other than the seller could have a legal claim to the property. Some of the potential issues that we look for during our title search are:

  1. Contract & Public Record Accuracy – The most common issues found are discrepancies in the property described in the contract compared to public records. Addressing this before closing will reduce any time delays in future transactions due to retroactively correcting the documents. 
  2. Liens– The most costly issue can be liens. Our team researches any property liens that are the result of tax defaults. In addition, we check for mechanic liens that resulted from any contractors who performed work on the property. Identifying liens ensures that the property seller can rectify debts before closing without passing them on to the buyer.
  3. Bankruptcies & Judgements– Title research also includes verifying that there are no current legal judgments or bankruptcies that result in a claim to the property to recover a debt. Knowledge of this information protects the buyer from paying debts that belong to the seller as well.
  4. Undisclosed Heirs & Wills – The most litigious title cloud is finding an undisclosed will that changes the order of ownership. Conducting proper research before your closing confirms that no other individual has legal claim to the property you are purchasing.
  5. Boundary Disputes & Easements– After receiving the boundary survey, our team verifies that there are no boundary disputes according to public record. Any easements must also be made known to the buyer before closing. Taking these precautions eliminates any potential conflicts with neighbors and surprises regarding shared access to easements. 
  6. Forgeries & Fraud– We also look for any signs of previous forgery or fraud in our search. Validating that all documents on record are legal projects the buyer by eliminating the costs of defending their property ownership. Our team also pays close attention to ever-changing fraudulent schemes to protect both the buyer and seller in the future. 

Protective Measures

In addition to the preliminary research, we also secure title insurance for the property that protects the buyer if title issues arise after closing. The Metes & Bounds Title, a Division of Land Castle Title Group, LLC has provided clean titles with 16 years of no title claims. We truly believe in taking the time and care to properly research and prevent the need for a claim altogether. If you are looking for a title company that looks out for your best interest in the future, contact us today.