Metes & Bounds Title Company has served the Central Florida community for over 16 years by delivering title insurance for thousands of real estate transactions. Our team provides residential and commercial title services and has experience working directly with real estate agents, direct consumers, lenders, and builders. Most importantly, all of our closers are Florida Licensed title agents who treat every closing as if it was their own. Learn more below about what goes on behind the scenes of a stress-free closing.

Stress-Free Closing Process

A common perception is that a title company researches clear title and provides title insurance for real estate transactions. But did you know that a good title company oversees every deadline needed to close on time? Not closing on time could cause a buyer or seller to incur substantial expenses for moving and securing their next home. Metes & Bounds Title Company uses a “five steps to close” process that ensures your closing is successful.

  1. Easy order processing for realtors or consumer to send the request. Order title online or by emailing
  2. Our team verifies or receives escrow and submits the request for title search.
  3. The closing processor is assigned the file and begins the in-depth title search.
  4. Closing documents are processed and communication to the realtors, lenders, buyers, and sellers always remains transparent and timely leading up to the completion of this phase.
  5. It’s closing day! You made it and it is time to celebrate!

Florida Title Company

The Metes & Bounds Title Company team understands that there are multiple parties involved in each transaction and have provided additional tips to buyers and sellers that will help for a stress-free closing.

Buyer Tips

  1. Secure a pre-approval for your financing before going to contract.
  2. Schedule the home inspection immediately after going to contract.
  3. Ensure any repairs are completed before the closing date.
  4. Gather all of your banking information to make a wire transfer.
  5. Review the closing disclosure in a timely manner.

Seller Tips

  1. Gather all of your banking information to receive a wire transfer.
  2. Ensure any repairs are completed before the closing date and allow for a final walk-through.
  3. Review the closing disclosure in a timely manner.
  4. Bring all keys, garage door openers, and codes to the home to the closing to pass on to the new owner.


The Metes & Bounds Title Company team strives to create a positive and memorable closing for all parties involved. If you are an industry professional or consumer that has questions regarding the closing process, please get in touch with one of our experts today!